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The mission of the RISD Food Services Department is to provide high-quality, nutritious meals to all students, fostering a healthy and thriving school community. Through our dedication and commitment, we aim to promote lifelong healthy eating habits and enhance the educational experience of our students.



Our goals are to ensure that every student at Russellville Independent School District (RISD) has access to nutritious, balanced meals that support their academic success and overall well-being.

  • Nutritional Excellence: Serve nutritious, balanced meals that meet or exceed federal and state nutritional guidelines, ensuring the health and well-being of all students.
  • Accessibility: Ensure all students have access to free meals through the implementation of the Community Eligibility Provision (CEP), reducing food insecurity and promoting equal access to nutritious meals.
  • Program Participation: Effectively operate and expand participation in the School Breakfast Program, National School Lunch Program, Summer Feeding Program, and the Child & Adult Care Food Program to provide meals throughout the year and after school.
  • Quality and Safety: Maintain the highest standards of food quality and safety by adhering to rigorous health and sanitation practices.
  • Education and Engagement: Educate students and their families about the importance of healthy eating habits and engage them in making nutritious food choices.
  • Continuous Improvement: Continuously evaluate and improve our food service operations through feedback, innovation, and adoption of best practices in nutrition and food service management.
  • Sustainability: Implement sustainable practices in food sourcing, preparation, and waste management to contribute to the overall sustainability efforts of the district.
  • Support for Academic Success: Recognize the critical role of nutrition in academic performance and strive to support student success by ensuring they have the fuel they need to learn and thrive.


Our Services

The RISD Food Services Department is dedicated to serving approximately 2000 meals per day across all our schools. We proudly offer:

  • School Breakfast Program: Providing a nutritious start to the day for all students.
  • National School Lunch Program: Serving balanced lunches that support healthy growth and learning.
  • Summer Feeding Program: Ensuring students have access to nutritious meals even when school is not in session.
  • Child & Adult Care Food Program: Offering meals for students who stay after school at R.E. Stevenson Elementary and Russellville Middle School.


By prioritizing the health and well-being of our students, the RISD Food Services Department plays a vital role in creating a positive and productive educational environment.


For more information or assistance, please contact the Food Services Department at 270-726-8405.