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Grades and Eligibility of RMS Athletes  

Any student who is ineligible academically will be suspended from the team until such ineligibility is corrected the following week. All grades will be checked on Mondays or the first day of a school week only on the weeks for scheduled games. A student shall maintain a letter grade no lower than a “60/D” in all classes to be academically eligible to participate in interscholastic activities. If a student has a “D” in any class, student-athletes will be required to attend Panther’s Homework time to be eligible to continue to practice, play in scheduled games, and travel with their teammates.   

Any athlete who fails to attend mandatory Panther’s Homework Time throughout that week due to having a letter grade “D” in any class will be ineligible to play in any scheduled games or travel with teammates. Any student-athlete with a letter grade of 59/F or below will be eligible to practice and travel under the condition that he/she attends Homework Help; however, he/she cannot play in the game.

Any student who is ineligible for three weeks during that specific season will be declared ineligible for the remainder of that sports season. School Administration, supervising coaches, and athletic directors will be responsible for ensuring that ineligible players do not participate in games, practices, or team travel.  Coaches are encouraged to discuss the situation with their athletes and arrange for tutoring or study hall sessions to help the athletes with their academics. Athletes must be in the proper grade level at the beginning of each school year. They must also move with their class to the next grade level.