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Curriculum and Instruction

The District Instructional Facilitator at Russellville Independent School District (RISD) is dedicated to assisting teachers in planning and delivering high-quality instruction across all grade levels. This role involves designing and delivering professional development sessions, securing up-to-date instructional materials, attending trainings, assisting with writing plans and policies, observing teachers, providing feedback, analyzing data from various sources, and offering the necessary support to teachers and principals.


Office Purpose

The purpose of the Office of the District Instructional Facilitator is to foster continuous improvement in teaching practices and student learning outcomes. By supporting teachers in developing a coherent curriculum, setting clear learning goals, planning engaging lessons, and increasing instructional rigor, we aim to enhance the overall effectiveness of our educational programs. The ultimate goal is to ensure that every classroom in our district reaches its fullest potential.


Our Goals

As the instructional leader for Russellville Independent Schools, my primary responsibility is to assist teachers in establishing a usable, coherent curriculum, setting clear learning goals for students, planning engaging lessons, and increasing rigor. I will focus on identifying and nurturing untapped teacher talents and supporting their growth and effectiveness. Our district strives for success through continuous improvement, professional learning sessions, research, and observation.



I am committed to being actively involved in classrooms, observing, assisting, and listening to students to ensure that our schools reach their fullest potential. Together, we will honor our heritage, embrace innovation, and provide exceptional, student-centered experiences, making RISD the District of Choice.


Feel free to contact me via email: [email protected].




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