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The Office of Director of Pupil Personnel at Russellville Independent School District (RISD) is dedicated to creating pathways to student success and removing barriers that may hinder their progress. The purpose of the Office of Pupil Personnel is to support sustainable and consistent student achievement across all grade levels. We set high expectations for both academic excellence and behavior, ensuring that students are prepared for the next stage of their educational journey, whether that be advancing to the next grade, entering college, starting a career, or joining the military. By understanding and addressing the challenges students face, we strive to help every student reach their full potential. The Pupil Personnel Director collaborates with staff, students, families, and the community to enhance communication, improve attendance, and provide consistent positive behavior supports from entry to graduation.


Our Goals

Our goals are fairly simple: To prepare our students to be successful at the next level, whether that be the next grade, college, a career, or the military, and to set high expectations for academic excellence as well as behavior. We understand the many challenges students face today. However, student achievement must be sustainable, consistent, and demonstrated by all students. Although the collective work of all members of our school community has given us great reason to celebrate, we remain committed to working diligently until every student has learned to the best of his or her potential.



With the support services we currently have in place, our mission includes:

  • Increasing communication between the schools and the families we serve.
  • Helping students and their families access the resources they need to succeed at a high level.
  • Improving student attendance.
  • Providing positive behavior supports for students in a consistent manner from the time they enter our school district to the time they leave our school district.
  • Giving students and their families the information they need to live a healthier life.
  • Helping students make good decisions that will contribute to their overall health and wellness.
  • Creating a safe, caring, and nurturing environment.


We are extremely proud of the learning environment that has been created at Russellville Independent School District and will work daily to continue to uphold the tradition of excellence of RISD. Please browse the links for further information regarding our school. However, if additional information is needed, feel free to contact the Russellville Independent School District at 270-726-8405 or Jennifer Pope at [email protected].

Logan County Court Designated Worker (CDW)

Logan County Court Designated Worker

329 W. 4th Street

Russellville, Kentucky  42276


When a young person is in trouble, positive intervention can mean the difference between a bright future and one with challenges. In Kentucky, court designated workers process complaints filed against children under age 18 prior to any action taken in formal court. This gives CDWs the opportunity to help thousands of juveniles every year.

When appropriate, young people are diverted from the formal court system. Those eligible for diversion will not have a formal court record if they successfully complete the supervised program.

The CDW Program began in 1986 when the Kentucky General Assembly established a statewide pre-court program to ensure that diverted youth receive due process and equitable outcomes. The Division of Juvenile Services operates the program, which makes CDWs available 24/7 in every Kentucky county.

Duties of a Court Designated Worker

CDWs are responsible for:

    • Processing public and status complaints on children under age 18
    • Assisting law enforcement in the custody process
    • Conducting preliminary investigations and interviews
    • Developing and supervising diversion agreements

The CDW receives all complaints, which fall into two categories, status offenses and public offenses. Status offenses are noncriminal forms of juvenile behavior, such as running away from home, not attending school, tobacco and alcohol offenses, and exhibiting beyond-control behavior at home or at school. Public offenses are defined in the same terms as adult charges.

Anyone can file a complaint against a juvenile, including a police officer, victim, parent or school official. Juveniles who have a complaint filed against them are given the opportunity to meet with a CDW.


FAIR Teams

Family Accountability, Intervention, and Response Teams work in conjunction with court designated workers to keep juveniles out of the formal court system by providing greater access to treatment services and diversion programs. Members of the multidisciplinary FAIR Teams represent the legal system, schools, treatment providers and juvenile justice agencies. Their purpose is to promote better outcomes for youth by providing an alternative to formal court through enhanced case management plans. 

FAIR Team members review diversion agreements and service referrals to ensure young people are receiving effective, community-based interventions to reduce their risk factors and address their needs. As a result of the screening, assessment and case management processes applied by the FAIR Teams, more juvenile cases are being handled out of court through successful diversion or dismissal. FAIR Teams operate in all 60 judicial districts and were created as a result of Senate Bill 200, which reformed the state’s juvenile code in 2014.