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Stevenson Elementary School VIP'S Visitor Policy


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Stevenson Elementary School enjoys having VIP’S visit our school! Whether you are coming into the school to help with the book fair or to celebrate your child’s birthday, we want you to feel welcome here.

Because you care enough about our students to visit our school, we know that you share our top priority: student safety. To provide a safe and learning environment for our students, we ask our visitors to:

  • report to the front office when entering the school building;
  • sign in and wear a visitor's badge provided by the front office;
  • sign out at the front office before leaving the building; and
  • be respectful to all students and staff members during your visit.

If you just need to deliver something like a forgotten lunchbox or library book, you can leave it with the front office staff. They will deliver the item to the student at a time that will minimize the disruption of classroom instruction.

If you wish to come into the school and interact with students on a regular basis, you must complete a background check. This is required by the State of Kentucky, not just our school or district. Kentucky Revised Statutes §161.148 states:

Each local Board of Education shall develop and adopt a policy requiring a state criminal records check on all volunteers who have contact with students on a regularly scheduled or continuing basis, or who have supervisory responsibility for children at a school site or on school-sponsored trips.

The State charges $10 to complete the background checks. The process can take a few days to several weeks, depending upon the backlog.

More information can be found in our Volunteer Handbook.
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