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RHS has 1st Deep Dive Day, 11/09/18

Marie Gamble Deep Dive Day 1

Russellville High School held its first Deep Dive Day on Nov. 9, at the Russellville 21st Century Center (R21C).  The Seniors were fed breakfast when they arrived.  While they were eating and socializing, Mrs. Tracy Naylor informed the 12th graders that the Center would supply a kitchen, secluded study area, technology area, and an entertainment/lounge area.  Soon after, the Seniors gathered in a large room and were greeted by the Superintendent, Mr. Bart Flener.  He thoroughly explained the purpose of the Deep Dive Days will be to prepare Russellville Seniors for life after graduation.  Many business owners, employers, and parents believe the most important thing is for seniors to be prepared for the adult world.  His presentation showed the before and after pictures of the reinvigorated tech center.  The R21C building is geared towards giving Seniors the college experience which is a huge improvement for RHS.  Mrs. Cassie Reding then discussed the plans for the day and told them about their requirement for the first Deep Dive Day which was to formulate their own volunteer projects.  Mrs. Karen Logan, from the Chamber of Commerce, and Mrs. Marie Gamble, from the Optimist Club, came and spoke about local non-profit organizations to familiarize the students on the multitude of volunteer organizations.  Mrs. Gamble talked to the students about the importance of self-love before meeting the needs of someone else.  You can get so wrapped up in helping others that you forget to help yourself…an important message for everyone.  The Seniors took everything they learned and processed it over lunch.  Slappyz Family Diner catered the event with chicken strips, mashed potatoes, greens, and dessert!  After a hearty lunch, the students were put into groups and paired with a volunteer leader.  From then on, the students spent the rest of the day creating their volunteer projects and calling places to gain information to enhance their projects.  Some of their ideas involve helping people in school and others involve helping those in the community.  Towards the end of the day, the groups presented both in front of their peers and then before the sixth graders.  It’s heartening to see what all the groups will have done on the second Deep Dive Day which is planned for Jan. 4.  A special thanks to Slappyz Family Dinner and all the volunteers, teachers, and administrators involved!
(Article by Matthew Williams) 

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