Superintendent's Pledge


Superintendent's Pledge

Superintendent's Mission Statement

As your Superintendent, it is my goal to assist our schools in becoming a top tiered educational institute.  I believe in the Russellville community; its students, families, and staff.  It is my tremendous honor to work and live in this community and assist our young people in reaching their goals.

This year we will be laser focused on 3 primary objectives (Attendance, Literacy, & Rigor).  First, we will make Attendance a priority.  Without teachers and students at school each day, learning cannot take place.  Second, we as a school system will focus on Literacy across content areas.  I strongly believe that without a foundational bedrock of reading and reading comprehension, a students’ academic success is severely compromised.  Therefore, we will work tirelessly to provide remediation and enrichment to ensure all children read and comprehend to the best of their ability.  Third, as the Russellville Independent school district, we will focus on classroom Rigor.  Each student must be challenged in the classroom and teachers must have high expectations of students in order for students to reach their full potential.

As your Superintendent, I want to encourage you to be our partner in education.  Successful and well rounded students require a commitment from all of us.  If I can be of service to you in this journey, please feel free to reach out to me via phone, email or in person.

- Kyle Estes, Superintendent 
Russellville Independent School District
Sept 5th, 2023


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