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Regina Guthrie is now Dr. Regina Guthrie!

Dr. Regina Guthrie

Regina Guthrie, a valued Psychologist at Russellville Independent Schools, recently graduated from the Doctor of Psychology in Applied Psychology Program.  She enrolled into the program, unaware of the altruistic faculty that would become like her family.  Each person went out of their way to make her feel comfortable and worthy of success.  She was regarded as a competent team member rather than their inferior.  The faculty always respected everyone’s opinions and worked together to problem-solve any questions or concerns.  She encountered several problems throughout her journey, but it strengthened her adaptability, fast thinking, and confidence to overcome any obstacle.  She received an ample amount of support from the faculty during her final disquisition.  Guthrie stated that this support was essential as she successfully completed her dissertation.  She shared she can’t begin to explain the significance of earning her degree.  She’s a first generational college student on her father’s side, and the second on her mother’s.  The family of coal miners instilled in her a love of learning, so earning this doctoral degree made it feel like a salute to the work ethic she was taught early on as a child. Guthrie’s degree is only the continuation of her learning and the opportunity to serve individuals with her best professional guidance.  One of her biggest inspirations is to instill this exceptional work ethic to her son, Ethan, an eighth grader.  Mrs. Guthrie is married to Stephen Guthrie, who teaches at Franklin/Simpson.  Completing the program has demonstrated that anything is possible if you want it bad enough and work for it. Guthrie sees limitless possibilities ahead after obtaining her degree.  Earning a doctoral has allowed her to unlock her full potential as a future clinician.  The need for educated individuals in mental health is becoming more of a priority in our society and Guthrie sees herself contributing to breaking the stigma of mental health issues.  She envisions making a change through her future work with many clients and patient populations.  This advanced degree is the key to an exciting new chapter in her life.  In a past interview, Regina Guthrie expressed her interest in teaching Psychology, but what she didn’t know was that her words manifested into reality.  Now, she teaches Russellville High School’s very first dual-credit Psychology class.  She doesn’t want to make too many significant changes, but she also hopes to improve the services in the school district.  She serves as one of the few Psychologists in the area, but she wants to make up for the imbalance and expand her services to meet the emotional needs of all students.  Any person can see Mrs. Guthrie as a role model.  She accomplishes what she puts her mind to and commands her own fate.  One doesn’t have to look to a celebrity or a millionaire for advice on being successful when there’s someone with more than enough experience here in our community. Russellville Independent School District is beyond proud of Regina Guthrie, is fortunate to have her on staff, and appreciates the commitment she has to her students.
(Article written by Student Intern, Matthew Williams) 

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