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2018 KPREP Summary

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2018 KPREP scores Accountability Summary


The Kentucky Department of Education (KDE) released the state KPREP scores from May of 2018 for those public school students in tested grades. Beginning this fall, KDE established new accountability designations for Kentucky schools at all levels, and as a result, schools will be designated for either comprehensive or targeted support or “other” during this first year of the new accountability cycle.


Elementary and middle schools results are held accountable for indicators of proficiency, separate academic indicators, and growth. Cut scores were established by KDE and schools that fell below the cut score for each indicator are identified as Comprehensive Support and Improvement (CSI), and schools that have at least one subgroup whose performance is at or below the cut scores for CSI schools is identified as Targeted Support and Improvement (TSI). Indicators of performance for high schools include proficiency, transition readiness, and graduation rate.


“Russellville Independent considers KPREP scores as one of several data points for determining how to improve student performance, including STAR reading and math that we use to benchmark student progress several times during the year rather than waiting five months after the KPREP test to respond to student scores.”


A summary of results for Russellville Independent Schools can be found below:


= R.E. Stevenson Elementary fell below the cut scores in each of the three indicators and is designated as a CSI school based on the results released by KDE.  To address state-identified issues, Stevenson will establish a turnaround team designed to meet the challenges and move students forward in terms of reaching proficiency. “We are focused on continually improving student outcomes, and there is always room for improvement”, says Robin Cornelius, Principal. “Based on the benchmarks established by the State, we at Stevenson Elementary know exactly what we need to work on to improve student performance. We are ready for this challenge and committed to providing an excellent and results-oriented learning experience for all of our students.” Bart Flener, Superintendent added, “Based on our test results, we are not where we want to be or where the state may want us to be based on our CSI designation at Stevenson Elementary School, but we are working hard, seeing improvements, and subgroup gaps are closing.”


= Russellville Middle School exceeded the cut scores established by the State; however, the subgroup scores for African American students indicate a need for improvement, and the school has been designated as a TSI school. Ben Bruni, principal, stated, “While we are pleased with the progress of our middle school students, we know that continuous improvement is a process that requires a lot of intentionality and commitment from all our adult team members. We want to close all achievement gaps, and our mindset towards making ongoing instructional improvements on behalf of our students will help us do just that.”


= Russellville High School also exceeded cut scores for proficiency and graduation rate.  However, the school fell below the cut score in transition readiness for the school’s Hispanic subgroup. Consequently, the high school has been designated as a TSI school. “Our KPREP results and our ACT results at the high school level indicate a need to fine-tune our focus on a few areas of need to see the growth we desire across the district.  Until all students are proficient as well as college and/or career ready and all gaps are closed, there is no question we will continue to work toward these ambitious, but reachable goals”, said Bart Flener, Superintendent.


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