Gray Panther Van: How To Make a Reservation
To reserve the Van for your trip you must first add the Vehicle Calendar to your Google Calendar. You may do that by opening the following link and clicking the ADD button:   Gray Panther CalendarNote that this only works on the website and not the mobile app. You will need to do this from a computer.
The Vehicle Calendar should now show up when you are logged into Google calendar.  It will be under "My Calendars" on the left side of the calendar screen. 
Tip: Next to the Van calendar is a colored dot. In the example below the color is red but you can change that to any color you wish to help distinguish your personal calendar information from the Van calendar. 
To Add a reservation, click the Red Plus Sign on the lower right side of the screen
A new window will open.
In the calendar window put in a title for your trip.
Set the date(s) and time(s) of your trip.
Add a location for the trip.  
VERY IMPORTANT: Make sure the Calendar is set to (Vehicle)-Central Office-1-Van. If you don't change to this, your reservation will not be made.
After you have filled in the information, click the Save button on the right side of the screen.  
The reservation will appear in your calendar with whatever color you have selected.  Notice that some items are in blue and the van is in red. 
All reservations are subject to change for various reasons. If your event is only 60 miles in total, the reservation may be given to another group or individual who will be driving 300 miles round trip. This is at the discretion of the transportation director. You will be notified if your reservation is changed or deleted. Please contact the Transportation Director if you have any questions. 
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